Y.O.G.A. for Youth – Chicago

Y.O.G.A For Youth programming in Chicago is off to a great start! The first Teacher Training course was hosted in March 2015 and since then, a local group of teachers have taken the initiative to bring yoga to their communities. Sat Nam!
Bright Star Y.O.G.A. For Youth Pilot Program

20150814_113209Bright Star is a community outreach program in Bronzeville that provides many different services to the Bronzeville community. One of their programs is the children’s summer camp, for kids ages 7-12 years old. It gives working parents peace of mind during the summer that their children are enjoying fun, safe summer days. Y.O.G.A. For Youth Chicago provided yoga classes on Fridays for the campers. It has been very exciting to watch their transformation since the first class to the fourth class. This was offered as an elective class and the children who attended chose yoga over playing outside. The number of students in each class has increased since we started the program and those who come every week definitely have a sense of calm when they come in.

Englewood Peace House

IMG_55601The Peace House in the Englewood neighborhood is an amazing place in of itself, with it’s budding vegetable garden and an outdoor yoga space in the garden. Y.O.G.A. For Youth was recently invited to teach a young men’s class. It is heart warming to see young men ages 15-22 participate in yoga and meditation.


To contact Y.O.G.A. for Youth Chicago, please contact Nubia Henderson at nubia@yogaforyouth.org or 312-752-0140